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Get Fit for Spring! Zoom strength training

  • 18 Mar 2024
  • 14 Apr 2024
  • Zoom

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Would you like to get fitter and stronger before spring starts in earnest? We have four recorded 1-hour exercise sessions (functional strength training) from a GREAT online fitness teacher, Sue Q, to share with interested members (and friends and family members) via Zoom. There will be three Zoom meetings scheduled each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 am and Saturdays at 8:30. You can choose to participate once, twice or 3x per week! Each time we will gather "live" from our homes and all follow the same recording. 

Here is a quick sample from one of our recent online workouts. We hesitate to share samples because one of the beauties of these workouts is that Sue is so good at varying things that there are few repetitions ever. She is also very conscientious about doing a full body workout, and gives good suggestions for how to accommodate sore or injured knees, hips and shoulders. 

Warmup moment: https://youtu.be/Dbxdu-Y-yt0

Workout moment: https://youtu.be/M7Qt5kNA6MU

Stretching moment: https://youtu.be/MU3faGm7dT8

I started Sue’s Zoom classes in November and am really enjoying them.  She is an excellent teacher, giving us lots of variety and ensuring we are using good technique.  I like that the classes are geared to more mature bodies but certainly do give us a good workout.  And it is great to be able to do the classes at home.(Bonnie)

Sue is a wonderful fitness leader, always varying her zoom classes and challenging our capabilities. She encourages us and keeps safety in mind, giving us options to do the exercises safely.  Sue rose to the occasion when the pandemic hit, and created her zoom classes with enthusiasm and energy, one very good result of the pandemic! (Jocelyn)

I have been doing Sue’s workouts for about 5 years. What I especially like is how varied each class is and how closely Sue monitors and corrects us. The sessions always include strength, flexibility and balance training. (Kay)

I always feel SO good afterwards, and I am definitely getting stronger. (Laurie).

For equipment you will need a mat, some weights (could use canned food), a stretchy band (could use tights or stretchy pants) and a large exercise ball (Laurie's is very old and small and half deflated but it seems to work perfectly). If you don't have a ball, borrow one. It's a great piece of workout equipment - good for balance. I'm sure we all have many acquaintances who have an exercise ball in a cupboard somewhere. 

The cost will be $40 for the four-week package, and ALL of the money is going directly to VG4A. It's a win-win! To confirm your spot and receive the Zoom meeting links, send $40 to victoriagrand4africa@gmail.com with "Get Fit for Spring" and your name in the subject line. 

This event is open to the public so if you know someone else who might be interested feel free to share the link to this event with them, or include them with your YES as a guest:  



 Week of:  Tues    Thurs  Sat  
 March 18  workout 1  workout 2  workout 3
 March 25  workout 4  workout 1  workout 2
 April 2  workout 3  workout 4  workout 1
 April 9  workout 2  workout 3  workout 4

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