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We are VERY thrilled to report that on August 7, VG4A passed the $2 million mark in terms of total money raised since our inception in 2006. This is an incredible achievement for a group from a city our size.  Members, supporters and donors should all be extremely proud. Every donation, every muffin, every placemat, shoulder bag and hedgehog, every ticket sold, every African dinner served, every kilometre cycled, every stride walked, every idea shared and acted upon, every piece of costume jewellery cashed in, every double your money project, every piece of spare change, every market, every presentation, every solicitation ... Together we have made a difference in many, many lives over the last 17 years.   We are stronger than ever right now. It took us 11 years to make our first $1 million and only six for the second!

"We will not rest until they can rest."

We are extremely grateful to our donors who have opened their hearts and their wallets to our cause.  We now have 



Victoria Grandmothers for Africa

We raise funds and awareness for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 

We partner with community-led organizations in Africa where grandmothers care for grandchildren whose parents died as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

See how we work HERE

Find out how to join HERE 


SLF partners respond to changing needs, with relationships built on trust and responsiveness. Midlands AIDS Service Organization (MASO) started in 1991, focused on empowering grandmothers and their grandchildren, caregivers, and home-based care workers in Zimbabwe. Thanks to their many income-generating programs over the years, grandmothers have been better able to provide nutritious food for their families, afford school fees, and generate income through the sale of garden vegetables. But the current economic upheaval threatens to undermine much of the progress. MASO recently shared that, “The economic situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate with inflation eroding savings. Prices for basic goods are increasing and this has increased the cost of living.”

In response, MASO is: continue here.

More stories from Africa are HERE


Upcoming events

  • 14 Oct 2023 1:30 PM
    St. Peter's Lakehill Church, 3939 St. Peter's Rd

Cycle Tour 2023 Finale rides past $130,400

Amid cheers and cowbells, tears of joy and laughter, cyclists rode back to Mile 0 for the Finale of Cycle Tour 2023.  They'd counted kilometres as they cycled for four weeks on multiple rides, covering trails and roads around Victoria; 28 of them also completed the Campbell River to Victoria long ride. Grandkids and families joined the Tour for the last section along Dallas Road.  As Mayor Alto said in her welcome home speech, it's inspiring to see these strong, resilient older women working so hard to improve lives in Africa, while also including the next generation in their efforts.  This year's Tour has already raised $125,000 for grandmothers in Africa caring for children left vulnerable by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.  Will you join the team of supporters?

Photo by Jane Player

Market Feature of the Month

Doll Clothes

When Jane was photographing these lovely clothes she was transported back to her childhood love of sewing doll clothes,  a skill she later used for her own wardrobe. 

The Market Page has a much larger slide show showing the range of clothes you could give your grandchildren.  Think of the fun you'd have helping them dress their dolls! Email to find out costs and details for pick up.

Digital Skills Project  

Victoria Grandmothers received a grant of $24,539 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program to improve the digital skills of our members and community.  It's a HUGE investment that we're very grateful for; we're eager to involve as many members as possible in the different parts of the project.  Connected Canadians, a non-profit that specializes in improving the digital skills of seniors, will deliver our program.  Find out how you can benefit!

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VG4A actively seeks ways to learn, reconcile and connect with local     First Nations. Here is our

Territorial Acknowledgement

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