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Victoria Grandmothers for Africa

We raise funds and awareness for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 

We partner with community-led organizations in Africa where grandmothers care for grandchildren whose children died as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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Mothers2mothers (m2m) was born when the number of new HIV infections in South Africa was at its peak, and a potent cocktail of stigma, fear, and lack of information meant that most HIV+ pregnant women could not access the treatment required to stay healthy and prevent their unborn children from contracting HIV. Visionary people co-founded m2m. Since 2001, it has created 12,000 jobs for women living with HIV as frontline health workers, reached more than 15 million people with life-changing health services, and achieved virtual elimination of mother-child transmission of HIV among their clients. Read more here, and listen to 1.5 minutes of inspiration here.  

More stories from Africa are HERE


Upcoming events

School Presentations

Members of the Education Working Group enjoyed being back in schools giving Paper Bead presentations.  They tell about grandmothers in Africa making and selling paper bead necklaces to provide for the children in their care.  The students make a necklace or bracelet which they love wearing home.  Some give them to their grandmother!  Photos from Cordova Bay Elementary School, where teachers and students warmly welcomed us.  Thanks, CBE!

Jazzy Junk from Granny's Trunk

April 2023

We raised over $3,700!

24 car trunks spilled over with treasures from kitchen ware to garden umbrellas, a kayak to designer clothes

Photos by Dennis Robinson and others HERE

Digital Skills Project  

Victoria Grandmothers received a grant of $24,539 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program to improve the digital skills of our members and community.  It's a HUGE investment that we're very grateful for; we're eager to involve as many members as possible in the different parts of the project.  Connected Canadians, a non-profit that specializes in improving the digital skills of seniors, will deliver our program.  Find out how you can benefit!

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