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Victoria Grandmothers for Africa

We raise funds and awareness for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We're proud to have raised over $2 million since 2006.

Through the Grandmothers Campaign, we partner with community-led organizations in Africa where grandmothers care for grandchildren whose parents died as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

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Twenty years since Nyaka was founded, 16-year-old Angella is a graduate of its Kutamba Primary School, emerging as the epitome of resilience and dedication. Angella joined the school in 2015 as a determined young student. Although she faced challenges, including the long walk to and from school every day and the disruptions of COVID-19 lockdowns, she was not discouraged and remained resolute to pursue her education. When the results of Uganda’s national Primary Leaving Examinations were recently released, Angella stood out as the top student at Kutamba Primary School. She excelled in all subjects and earned an A+ in her favourite subject: mathematics.

Did you know? Education cuts the risk of women and girls newly acquiring HIV in half. Education also leads to better socio-economic outcomes, not just for the girls, but for their families and communities.

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I'll ride again!"

Recovering from an accident that left her left arm paralyzed, Carol Crane was determined to ride again.  Now she's training for Victoria Grandmothers Cycle Tour, and even on holiday in the Netherlands, her cycling friends take turns riding the Zuider Zinger with her.  Go Carol!

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New Drug Provides Total Protection From H.I.V.

in Trial of Young African Women

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VG4A actively seeks ways to learn, reconcile and connect with local     First Nations.

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