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General Meeting

  • 8 Jun 2024
  • 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  • St. Peter's Anglican Church, 3939 St. Peter's Rd



Come early to visit, shop, check the library (VG4A Education Lending Library) or buy a $2 book. Let us know if you are willing to share a rant or a riff.

The draft agenda follows. The finalized agenda will be posted closer to the date.

Last general meeting until October! Be there or be square. :)

1.      Land Acknowledgement – Margie Cogill
2.      Welcome and invitation to present someday - Laurie Wilson
3.      Introduction of New Members - Margie Cogill
4.      Working Group Introduction – Education – who are they and what do they do?
5.      Educational Moment – Education WG
6.      GRAN Moment – Audrey Prendergast
7.      Jigsaw with 5 stations
 - Cycle Tour WG – the personalized tour,

- Cycle Tour - the launch and finale

 - Clothesline Project

 - Pride Parade July 7th 

 - Summer Socials: Golf July 25th and bagged lunch Social in the Park Aug 21st

 - Would you be interested in a $7 permanent nametag for VG4A?

8.  Rants and Riffs open mic
9.  Sing-along with the Strumming Grannies - the thank-you song we are working on. Link to our sing-along practise accompaniment if you'd like to prepare:

Strumming Grannies May Day

Next meeting: Saturday, October 5th at St. Peter’s

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