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2024 Cycle Tour

August 11 - September 8, 2024

Registration now open for 2024 Cycle Tour: https://www.vg4a.ca/event-5716809

Chair:        Mary Ann Matous

Co-chair:  Tory Stevens

                                                  Photo by Jane Player

 Weekly Rides for 2024:

Please contact: vg4acycleregistrar@gmail.com if you would like to be on a mail out list. (Infrequent weather cancellations are sent out to the e-mail list.)

Monday Training Rides: see below

Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. from Blenkinsop Connector

Thursday, 11:00 a.m. Joy of Cycling.  Meet at Janion bldg near ‘blue bridge’. e-mail Julie at jsholder54@gmail.com to get on the list.

Fridays, 10:00 a.m. from Saanich Municipal Hall, corner of the Lochside Trail and Darwin Ave.

Monday Training Rides
RIDE #  Map #
 April 8   9:30 am  Connector  Ride 1 - 33 km  Map_Ride1
 April 15   9:30 am  Connector  Ride2 - 37 km  Map_Ride2
 April 22   9:30 am  Switch Bridge  Ride 3-42.6km  Map_Ride3
 April 29   9:30 am  Switch Bridge  Ride 4-43 km  Map_Ride4
 May 6   9:00 am  Connector   Ride 5 - 51km  Map_Ride5
 May 13   9:00 am  Lochside Park  Ride 6 - 52 km  Map_Ride6
 May 20   9:00 am  Switch Bridge  Ride 7 - 56.4 km


 May 27   9:00 am  Switch Bridge   Ride 8 - 54.1 km  Map_Ride8
 Jun 3 8:30 am Switch Bridge Ride 9 - 57 km Map_9
 Jun 10 8:30 am Connector Ride 10 -70.1 km Map_10
 Jun 17 8:30 am Connector Ride 11 - 69.6 km Map_11 
 Jun 24 8:30 am Connector Ride12 - 73km Map Ride12
 July 1 8:00 am  Ride 13 - 70km Map_13
 July 8 8:00 am  Ride 14 - 70km  Map_14
 July 15 8:00 am  Ride 15  Map_15
    Ride 16  Map_16
    Ride 17 Map_17
    Ride 18  Map_18
    Ride 19 Map_19
    Ride 20 Map_20

               Last Year's Cycle Tour 2023 Finale                      

Cyclists Collectively Clock 30,000 km. and raise over $131,000 

Amid cheers and clapping, tears and laughter, cyclists in Victoria Grandmothers Cycle Tour 2023 rode in to Mile 0 on Sunday, back where the Tour launched four weeks earlier.  Over these four weeks, 50 cyclists collectively rode over 30,000 kilometres, in multiple group rides that were offered almost every day of the week or riding on their own and counting kilometres.   28 cyclists also completed the ride that was initiated back in 2007 -- the three-day, 275 km. Campbell River to Victoria Ride.  A new addition this year was the inclusion of a Grandparent and Grandchildren Ride from Ogden Point to the Finale, reaching out to the next generation of cyclists. A phenomenal $125,000 has already been raised by this year's Tour; the donate button will stay active for at least another two months.

Over the 17 years of its existence, the Victoria Grandmothers Cycle Tour has raised over $1.2 million; when added to the funds raised by other VG4A activities such a Craft Sales, African Dinners and National Walks, Victoria Grandmothers for Africa have raised over $2 million for our grandmother sisters in Africa.

Photo by Jane Player.  Members may access multiple photos by Jane and others on the Members Only page.

2023 Cycle Tour Summary

Pedalling the Cycle Tour News:  Edition 1    Edition 2     Edition 3     Edition 4     Edition 5

Optional Rides for Cycle Tour participants were popular

  1. Thursday, Aug 17th: Pedaling Past the Point - average pace 16-17 km/hr.  Video of cyclists by Todd N. here
  2. Tuesday, Aug 22nd: Fickle Fig 50 - average pace 16-17 km/hr
  3. Thursday, Aug 24th: 3 Ferry Ride - 80K and quite hilly. Suitable for stronger cyclists
  4. Wednesday, Aug 30th: Cow Bay 60 average pace 18-20 km/hr. Suitable for stronger cyclists. Video by Laurie Wilson here
  5. Thursday, Aug 31: Tackling the Serpentine average pace 16-17 km/hr
  6. Friday, Sept 8th: Campbell River to Victoria - average pace 18-20 km/hr. For stronger cyclists; registration now closed
  7. Sunday, Sept 10th: Grandmothers and Grandkids - pace slow to accommodate children
  8. Sunday, Sept 10th: Victoria to Centennial Park to Finale - average pace 16-17 km/hr
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